Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat

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Quantity:  1 piece (abs pad)

Transform your abs, sculpt your body and conquer your fitness with the Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat. Feel the power and see the change!

Real stories, real results: Uncovering Matrobias™  Impact

“At first, I was skeptical about the power of a small pad. But man, was I wrong!  With the Matrobias™ , I finally got those six-pack abs I’d been chasing for years.  It’s a tiny device that But has a huge effect. One of my favorite things about it is that it’s discreet so I can use it anytime, anywhere!” 
–Andrew  Smith , 31, Austin, Texas
“I would often look at myself in the mirror and just sigh…those fitness sessions weren’t paying off. But then, I met Biancat Fitronix. The results were astounding!  I could feel the intensity of each workout and I finally saw it Abs definition.  This is a huge boost to my self-esteem!”
–Clay  Simpson , 32, Seattle, Washington

“There was a time when I was plagued by hip problems, feeling like it wasn’t strong enough, almost to the point of despair. However, since I started using the Suptruck smart fitness machine, my glute story has taken a dramatic turn. Not only does this device Used on the buttocks, it can also be easily applied anywhere on the body. I use it every day on different parts of my body, but my favorite workout focuses on my glutes. After a few weeks of exercising, I can definitely feel my butt getting better. Firmer, tighter. Best of all, the portability of this smart device allows me to use it anytime, anywhere, no longer worrying about time and place."

Marcus Sinfield, 29, Atlantic City, N.J.

What is the root cause of visceral fat around our belly?

Visceral fat is fat that lies deep in the abdominal wall and surrounds the organs. A certain amount of visceral fat is healthy and helps protect your organs. However, too much visceral fat can be harmful to your health. Visceral fat is sometimes called "active fat" because it plays an active role in body function. Excess visceral fat can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

What is EMS technology?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technology that applies safe, low-intensity electrical pulses to muscles. This is achieved through a compact device that delivers pulses to specific muscle groups via strategically positioned electrodes. By replicating nerve signals sent by the central nervous system, EMS triggers muscle contractions. When implemented along with daily exercise, EMS has been shown to increase muscle force output by up to 40%, resulting in high-quality workouts. Additionally, studies show that EMS can increase fat burning rates by up to 95%.

How does the Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat Training Device work?

The Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat is an innovative technology that uses vibration to stimulate muscle fibers to help achieve desired physical fitness. This product is specifically designed to stimulate abdominal muscles, effectively promoting muscle tone, tone and strength. Use the device twice a day for 15 minutes for best results.

The device is designed to be lightweight, ultra-thin, and portable for added convenience and can be worn discreetly under clothing. It is particularly suitable for muscle training, with best-in-class construction and ease of use. The Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat is versatile and can be used anytime, anywhere, making it an ideal choice for those focused on getting in shape and losing weight.

Burn Fat:  When using  the Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat , your body's metabolism remains strong after a high-intensity workout, and as a result the body burns fat. "The simple fact is: The more muscle you have, the more fat your body can burn at rest," says Dr. Robin Wiviott, MD.


“With  the Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat, there’s no need to spend too much time at the gym to tone your abs. A 20-minute workout with the EMS device corresponds to the muscle group being stimulated, approximately 20 minutes of planks, 75 sit-ups sit-ups and 100 knee crunches,” says Dr. Wiviott

What makes the Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat a great choice?

✔️ Targets abdominal muscles to improve strength and definition
✔️ Provides comprehensive muscle shaping
✔️ Accelerates the fat burning process
✔️ Utilizes electrical muscle stimulation technology
✔️Lightweight, portable and ultra-concealed
✔️ Provides adjustable intensity levels
✔️ Improve balance and posture
✔️ Convenient home workouts

Let’s take a look at Alex’s 8-week abs definition journey with Matrobias™

"I've always been an active person, but as my career started to take off, it became increasingly difficult to find time to go to the gym. The biggest casualty was my core strength—my  abs became soft and my muscles around my belly Starting to gain weight.  A friend recommended Matrobias™. The first week was fun - the Pad was so comfortable and easy to wear. I wore it while checking emails, making phone calls and even in business meetings . My abs felt great Nervous, almost like I'm doing a light workout. =
"By the end of week six, I started to notice some real changes.  My abs started to feel tighter and my posture improved significantly. My  core felt stronger and  I was suffering from lower back pain that had been bothering me. My problems started to lessen.  The Pad has become a part of my daily life and I use it almost without a second thought. The convenience of working out anytime, anywhere is really impressive.”
"After two months of using the Matrobias™, the results are dramatic.  I have lost several inches off my waist and my abs are noticeably more toned. I  feel healthier, healthier and have more energy throughout the day . My core feels strong , the back pain has almost completely disappeared.  It feels like I've rediscovered my fitness routine without having to spend extra hours in the gym. The Matrobias™ EMS Abdominal Shaping Mat has proven to be an absolute game changer for me."
—Alex Lawrence , 34, Phoenix, Arizona

This ab training mat can save you tons of money!

Several of the office's clients have already used this feature and have seen positive improvements. This alternative can save you over $2,500 per year in expensive gym fees and supplements. Copyright © Matrobias™ 

  • Avoid expensive gym memberships
  • Avoid time-consuming appointments
  • Use it in the comfort of your home
  • ​Strong core strength
  • Suitable for travel